Nizhny, nice to meet you! 

All the best of Nizhny - two rivers, seven hills and eight centuries of history in three hours 

Is it you only chance to see Nizhny Novgorod? Do not miss it! 
Let’s see as much as we can! In spite of traffic jam, car is still faster than a human being, so let’s take a car a make a ride around Nizhny. 
To see all, even in rapid race - this is our motto.

Car tour 

Duration - 3 hours 

We will see

The Pechersky Ascension Monastery (13th c.)
The Lower Volga embankment 
- "The Hero" - 100-years old ship 
- The Deer Monument - the symbol of Nizhny depicted by a modern sculptor 
- The Conception tower and Peter the Great monument 
Rozhdestvenskaya Street - the merchants' city of 19th c.
- The river station (XX c.) 
- The Stock Exchange (1896) and the Passage (1896) - the first shopping mall of Nizhny 
- The Virgin Church (Russian Baroque, 18th c.) 
National Unity Square 
- Minin and Pozharsky monument 
- The shelter for homeless people - the prototype of the shelter from The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorky
- Church of the Nativity of John the Precursor (17th c.)
The viewing point in Fedorovsky embankment
Please, note: 
1) We will visit The Pechersky Ascension Monastery only in case of good weather (no ice on the road) as it is situated at the foot of the steep hill. 
2) You shall respect dress-code when visiting a monastery in Russia. Women shall cover their head and their knees. Women shall cover their head and their knees (even if wearing long trousers). Men shall take off hats inside the church. Shorts are prohibited. 
3) The Kremlin is not included in the program of the tour. If you want to visit Kemlin, please inform us.