Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin - the mediaeval fortress in the very heart of Nizhny

The majestic silhouette of the Kremlin over the high hill is seen from afar. In Middle Ages this fortress was home for the whole city, protecting its people from local pagan tribes’ raids. 

The stony Kremlin we can see today was built in 16th century. However modern architects cannot understand till now how the fortress was built on the slope threaded with springs. Italian architects took part in the construction of the Kremlin. They were if not students, then direct followers of Leonardo da Vinci. Many facilities of the Kremlin were built in line with Leo’s work titled “About Casemates”. 

Walking in the Kremlin we will see the walls and tours of the Kremlin; the cathedral of St. Michel, the oldest house of worship in Nizhny; the grave of national hero Minin; an open-air exhibition of Soviet military techniques; the Monument of the Eternal Fire. We will learn about Middle Ages in Russia, the way people lived in Kremlin in war and in peace, and how the attitude to different episodes of Russian history has been changing in Russia during the last 500 years.

Walking tour 

Duration - 2 hours 

We will see

Chkalov monument – the view over the confluence of the Volga and the Oka and the titanic Chkalov staircase – 560 steps 

The Kremlin – medieval fortress of 16th century 

In the Kremlin 

- City Governor’s house 

- Open-air exhibition of military vehicles of the World War II 

- Michel the Archangel Cathedral – the tomb of national hero Kozma Minin 

- The monument of the Eternal Flame – the view over the lower part of the city 

- The Yoke tower 

- Dmitrievskaya Tower