Trade capital of the Russian Empire - long time ago, when Russia had no supermarkets…

According to an old Russian proverb, Moscow is the heart of Russia, St. Petersburg is the head of Russia, and Nizhny is the pocket of Russia. For centuries Nizhny was known as the trading capital of Russia, home for the most widely known merchants’ clans, such as the Stroganovs. Nizhny was also the host city for the famous Makarievskaya Fair, which attracted people from all over the world (the number of guests of the Fair 10 times surpassed the population of the city). 
 Making a tour of the city we will see villas of Russian millionaires built in 19 the century in the most beautiful points of Nizhny; the beautiful cathedrals raised with the donation of the merchants from Nizhny, the old business center of the city – Rozhdestvenskaya street known as an open-air architecture museum. 
We will learn about the history of Russian business, the slaves-millionaires in Russia, the way wealthy Russian people have lived, worked and entertained themselves from Middle Ages to nowadays.

Walking tour 

Duration - 2 hours 

We will see 

During a 2-hour tour
Church of the Nativity of John the Precursor 
The shelter for homeless people - the prototype of the shelter from The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorky 
The mansions and apartment houses of 19th century 
The Passage – the first shopping mall of Nizhny (19th century) 
The Virgin Church (Russian Baroque, 18th century)