Supernatural Nizhny - the history of Nizhny some do not believe in. They'd better do... (14+)

A lot of beautiful legends and blood-freezing tales are told about Nizhny. For those who find the materialistic version on the city history too dull, we will show the other side of it. 

Pagan rituals, ancient myths, urban legends, ghosts and other psychic phenomena are in the agenda! 

We will see the haunted house of proletarian writer Maxim Gorky; the Yoke tower where a woman was buried alive; the Cursed house; the deadly Slope, the Closed Church and many other sites you will never find in Wikipedia. 

Warning: the tour in not recommended for persons under 14.

Walking tour 

Duration - 2 hours 

We will see

The Drama Theathre 
Dobrolyubov manor
THe Goats' Path 
Pochayna Ravine 
The historical district of Zapochanye 
- Kashrin's House (Gorky House) 
- The house of the merchant Olisov 
- Koulibin Monument 
- Assumption church 
- The viewing point in Fedorovsky embankment