A day out the city - clean rivers, deep forests and small towns - the special charm of Russian province, so different from modern megalopolis.

If you want to see real Russia you shall visit the countryside too. We will go to Gorodets – a small town on the Volga River founded in 1152. 
Gorodets is known for its traditional crafts – colorful Gorodets painting, marvelous golden embroidery, fancy wood carving and delicious Gorodets gingerbread. The wooden houses in the Old City remember their first owners – the most prosperous merchants of the Volga region. 

Duration – 09:00-16:00 approx. 

In Gorodets we will see 

- Feodorovsky Monastery
- The Old City 
- Alexander Nevsky embankment
- The Museum of Samovar (the only one in Russia) 
- The Museum of Gingerbread or the Museum of Household objects 
- Exhibition center The City of Craftsmen